Never Eat Cucumbers And Tomatoes In The Same Salad!!

August 11, 2019

Salad is a mixture of fruits ,veggies and spices that go along ..when it comes to flavor .

WRONG!!! Many other factors needs to be consider when we prepare a meal or a salad.

For example we mustn’t combine tomatoes and cucumbers in a salad because these veggies don’t have the same digestion time.

We must know that mixing vegetables with different time of digestion isn’t good because the lighter ingredient will end up passing in the intestine just as the first one is completely digested.

It is bad because it will cause food fermentation in the stomach , slow down the digestion and the fermentation of sugars and starches and may even cause gases, swelling, and stomach pain.

Other food combinations which we should avoid making are:

1.Fruits after a meal
– fruits take a lot of time to be digested and if you eat them after a meal, you might get acid reflux and some digestive issues.

2.Macaroni and cheese (and macaroni and meat)
– macaroni are rich in starch, with a different digestion time than protein, and can cause fermentation and digestive problems.

3.Meat and cheese
– avoid putting too much protein in one meal and opt for only one type of protein .

4.Bread or noodles with orange juice
– the acid content that will digest the juice may destroy the enzyme responsible for the starch digestion.

5.Veggies and cheese
– when you combine cheese and vegetables, you increase the risk of bloating.

6.Melon and watermelon
– these fruits are meant to be consumed alone, not in combination with other fruits.

7.Fruits and yogurt
– it harms the intestinal flora.

8.Bananas and milk
– it slow down digestion.


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